Random Database Blogging

From the Database and Performance blog: Queuing Theory & Resource Utilization – a lightweight introduction into the field which explains why you don’t have linear growth all the way – at a moment you hit a magic ceiling and things get much worse.

PostgreSQL Replicator is an other way to replicate your PostgreSQL database. Now it has rpm’s built automatically for it by the pgsqlrpms project. This makes it easier to try it out certainly. Now if we could have some .deb’s please 🙂

A brief comparison between londiste and slony.

The perils of InnoDB with Debian and startup scripts – something useful to read about if you are using MySQL + Debian.

Initial ext3 vs ext4 Results – this looks awesome. Together with PostgreSQL 8.4 this should rock!

An other benchmark comparing different scheduling algorithms under Linux for use with a DB – this is why I like Linux! You can tune it to your hearts will. With closed source you have to trust that the vendor made the correct choice.

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