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  • Freakonomics review

    I know, I know, I’m quite late to the game (Freakonomics was first published in 2005), but I still feel that this book deserves a review. What I like about it the most, is the fact that it tries to teach critical thinking, a thing which is lacking these days. The book provides vivid and […]

  • Interesting site / videos

    I finished watching the Crash Course from It is interesting and slightly frightening. Although my BS detector had some faint signal (like saying on the front page “Chris Martenson, PhD”, only to find out on a closer read that he is not a PhD in economics), I’m no economist to judge how accurate the […]

  • Bulletproof hosting

    Google not being evil 🙂

  • Economics, protecting the environment and Web 2.0

    What do these things have in common? During the weekend I was at at a conference of economics (weird, isn’t it?) and one of the presenters talked about how we must look at the economics if we want to achieve a given goal, for example protecting the environment. For example currently the computer manufacturing companies […]