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I finished watching the Crash Course from It is interesting and slightly frightening. Although my BS detector had some faint signal (like saying on the front page “Chris Martenson, PhD”, only to find out on a closer read that he is not a PhD in economics), I’m no economist to judge how accurate the description, but it is interesting to watch. Embedded below for your convenience:

For the final video visit the website. A similarly oriented YouTube channel is the The Byron Dale Channel. Of course caveat emptor, you shouldn’t take anything on face value.


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  1. Chris Martenson is a scientist and ex vice president of a fortune 300 company who also holds an MBA from Cornel University. He looked at the monetary, environmental and economic situation from a scientific perspective. He is highly qualified to do so. Instead of using your “BS detector”, why don’t you try and challenge what he presented, any of it? His points are all very easy to research. Due diligence is the name of the game, not your “BS detector”.

  2. Everyone is free to make up his or her mind. The fact is that he used his qualifications in a misleading way, which is always a negative in my book.

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