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  • Careful with that UGC, PCWorld!

    I was reading PC World article when I saw the “active” forum topics: My thoughts were: Their forum must be really low volume if these spammings managed to get to the top UGC (User Generated Content) can easily put your website in a “bad light”, so you should be careful when using it. Some ideas […]

  • goes live

    Via removes the beta label and goes live. It is a forum that tries to help people who are struggling with a malware problem, either on their home computer or on their website. What I liked: Full RSS feed to the site (so that it can be mined for malicious URL’s for research […]

  • Threaded vs. Flat discussions

    This post from Coding Horror talks about a subject near and dear to my heart: the usability of the discussion boards. Here is my take on what constitutes an easy to use environment: Flat discussion works best if few replies are expected for a given topic. You can make sure of this by splitting up […]