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Via removes the beta label and goes live. It is a forum that tries to help people who are struggling with a malware problem, either on their home computer or on their website. What I liked:

  • Full RSS feed to the site (so that it can be mined for malicious URL’s for research purposes :-))
  • No-fluff interface
  • When an external link is clicked, it first goes to a warning page

When it first launched it was criticized by some as an attempt to redirect traffic from CasleCops. Now that CastleCops is no more :-(, this shouldn’t be an issue. Hopefully the fact that it has some big companies backing it means that it’s not going anywhere soon (and that it can withstand any potential DDoS attack launched against it easily). The traffic is quite low at the moment (compared to some bigger forums), but probably it will increase. Finally, here is a short video presenting it (it focuses more on the UI side than the functionality):

PS. A revelation that came to me: how to repetitively execute searches on search engines without getting banned? (to find malicious links for example): you can Use their API, but you could also use Yahoo Pipes, which includes a Yahoo Search input module and you can get the results conveniently as an RSS feed, PHP structure or JSON (whichever is easier for you to parse).

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