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  • “Funny things I found while browsing the web” post

    The Geek/Nerd/Dork/Dweeb Venn Diagram (via Joel Esler’s blog): BTW, here is a quick way to convert JPEGs which should be PNGs or GIFs (because they aren’t photos!): simply use a photo editing software (like the GIMP or IrfanView / Paint.NET) and reduce the color depth without dithering. This should pretty much get you there. You…

  • Funny pictures post 🙂

    About DRM (this is floating around the interwebs, I’m not entirely sure about its origin): The second one is from a webcomic (added to my reader :-)) which I discovered via Bruce Schneier’s blog: And finally, for all the programmers out there (found it via The Reinvigorated Programmer’s blog):

  • Security vendor’s “top-threat” list proof for their less-than-perfect performance?

    Here is something I’ve been thinking about lately: most (all?) security vendors publish their “top-threats” periodically. Those lists are made up by centralizing numbers reported by their clients. While it is safe to assume that the majority of the enumerated threats are blocked straight-away – before they can execute a single piece of code –…

  • Bohemian Bankruptcy

    Via Naked Capitalism

  • Spot the error

    C++ compilers are notorious for giving error messages which point you in the wrong direction. However even simpler languages can have issues. Can you spot the real problem with the java code below? There is a comma missing between the parameters! Nice, ey? (To be fair, on the sidebar Eclipse shows two errors, one of…

  • Some fun timewasters 🙂

    Found this one via And the following one is from friends (these are in German, but many of them can be enjoyed even if you don’t know the language): Some of the highlights from both of the channels:

  • A must see southpark video

    Via ZeroHedge. Usually I find Southpark videos a little too preachy / childish, but this too funny. You can watch the full episode here. After it you can enjoy some Pink Floyd 🙂

  • Heavy Metal Band Names Etymology

    Found it via the Comic vs Audience blog. Created by Doogie Horner:

  • Cool epoch counter

    As probably many of you geeks already know, today the epoch counter (AKA unix timestamp) will reach the value 1234567890, which is cool I guess because it is in the order the keys are on your keyboard. You can find a countdown here. You can use the following perl snippet to find out when the…

  • Time travel – by Yahoo!

    Today I was greeted by the following error message on Yahoo mail: