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  • How to post high-quality videos to Google Video

    If you have Google Apps for Business, Google Video is still the preferred method of storing videos "in the cloud": it is easier to embed into Google Docs and probably more importantly – it can be truly private (you can only access it if you are logged in with the correct account – as opposed […]

  • Sending an X-Face email with Perl+GMail

    In the latest Software Freedom Law Show Bradley mentioned the X-Face email header and challenged listeners to send them an email containing the X-Face header. So here is the small Perl script I’ve whipped together to send them an email trough GMail: use strict; use warnings; use Net::SMTP::TLS; my ($from, $password) = (‘…’, ‘MySuperSecretPassword’); my […]

  • Migrating feeds over to Google Feedburner

    I migrated over the feeds from Feedburner to Google Feedburner. Everything seems to went well and hopefully there won’t be any problems. All you need is to signed into your Google Account, after which you try to sign into Feedburner and it will automatically offer to bind the Google account to your Feedburner account. Hopefully […]

  • Browser Password Manager test

    This is rather old, but still good (originally found it via the Pat’s Daily Grind blog): a security company did some tests with the password manager included in different browsers. And of course they slapped not one but two sensationalistic titles on it (“Google Chrome Receives Lowest Password Security Score” and “Safari Ties for Last […]

  • Google broke the Internet!

    Short summary: Google maintains a list of “malicious URL’s”. This list is used both to offer warnings on the search results and to warn users in third-party applications (like Firefox 3) via the Google Safe Browsing API. The format of the blacklist is such that arbitrary subelements of the URL can be used. This is […]

  • Preventing your site from becomming a spammer heaven

    An other resource to help webmasters keep their new years resolution: Preventing Virtual Blight complete with video and slides 🙂

  • GHDB mirror

    Seeing that the GHDB (Google Hacking DataBase) might soon disappear (the site was offline for weeks recently for example), I grabbed a mirror of it and put it up on a free hosting website (no, not that one) – enjoy it while it lasts: the main page a link to each individual entry – this […]

  • The hacker mindset

    Is it just me, or does the pharese “adding third party gadgets to gmail” cry security vulnerability? I’ve read this posting from hackaddict, and it made me curious: just what can you do from a Google Gadget? A little googling around (no pun intended :-)) lead me to this presentation: Xploiting Google Gadgets: Gmalware and […]

  • Google spam – aka I’m back

    My workload has lightened a little and hopefully I can continue to blog more frequently. But enough of this, let’s get to our main subject: Recently I’ve been seeing a growing number of spam which links to Google instead of the spam site. The idea is (probably) to avoid filters which check the link targets […]

  • Google survey beta

    So Blogger wanted to know my opinion. I happily clicked along to express my desire to be able to include syntax highlighted code easily. Five point question: what is wrong with the webpage below? Hint: how do I submit this thing? While the looks of the questionnaire were spartan (not like some people who feel […]