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  • Measure twice…

    Some time ago I was twiddling with my blog template, when I had the “great” idea of modifying the Google Analytics tracking code such that it checks the successful loading the external script before calling the logging function, to avoid generating errors when the script failed to load (because of NoScript, hosts file entry or […]

  • If you want statistics, you better include the tracking code

    Around mid-December I did a redesign of my blog (actually I chose a different template and tweaked it a little bit :D) and forgot to include the Google Analytics tracking code in the new template. The result was that according to statistics I had 0 visitors in late December – early January. First I thought […]

  • Economics, protecting the environment and Web 2.0

    What do these things have in common? During the weekend I was at at a conference of economics (weird, isn’t it?) and one of the presenters talked about how we must look at the economics if we want to achieve a given goal, for example protecting the environment. For example currently the computer manufacturing companies […]

  • How to exclude certain traffic from Google Analytics?

    I use Google Analytics to get an idea about the traffic on my blog. However, being the low traffic volume site it is, my visits skew the results (this became clear to me when in the overview it showed me that almost 12% of my traffic came from, which is the admin interface for […]