How to exclude certain traffic from Google Analytics?

I use Google Analytics to get an idea about the traffic on my blog. However, being the low traffic volume site it is, my visits skew the results (this became clear to me when in the overview it showed me that almost 12% of my traffic came from, which is the admin interface for the blog). So I headed over to IPChicken, grabbed my IP address (having a static IP helps a lot) and added a filter. You can add filters by going in analytics settings mode and clicking edit for the site you want to add the filter for. Then select “Exclude all traffic from an IP address” and add your IP address. Be sure to replace the . with . since the string you enter is considered a regular expression. It seems that it doesn’t apply it retroactively (or maybe I just have to wait 24 hours for my stats to update), but hopefully this will lead for more accurate stats.

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