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  • Upgrading from MySQL to MariaDB on Ubuntu

    So you decided that Oracle doesn’t know its left foot from the back of his neck when it comes to open source (how’s that for a mixed metaphor), but you are not ready just yet to migrate over to PostgreSQL? Consider MariaDB. Coming from Monty Widenius, the original author of MySQL, it aims to be […]

  • Oracle buys Sun (and gets MySQL)

    Here is Monty’s (co-founder of MySQL, left SUN some time ago) opinion. On a more light-hearted note, here are some Slashdot comments 🙂 Fro rho – a good example for why case sensitivity is important: > Their string comparisons are case sensitive. 8.4 has citext. Or you can make an index with lower() on the […]

  • Random Database Blogging

    From the Database and Performance blog: Queuing Theory & Resource Utilization – a lightweight introduction into the field which explains why you don’t have linear growth all the way – at a moment you hit a magic ceiling and things get much worse. PostgreSQL Replicator is an other way to replicate your PostgreSQL database. Now […]

  • A (not so new) technique for breaking databases

    There is joke which goes something like: those who know how to do it, do it. Those who don’t, teach it. Those who don’t even know how to teach it, supervise it. Sadly this is true for many tech journalists who make up sensationalized titles both because of lack of comprehension and because they have […]

  • Avoiding the dogpile effect

    When using caching to speed up webpages (or other request-response oriented protocols), it is very common to tie the update of the cache to a new request, meaning that every request checks if the cache is too old first. If not, it returns the value from the cache. If it is, it tries to recompute […]

  • Circumventing the need for transactions in MySQL

    While reading the excellent series on "Web 2.0" and databases on the O’Reilly radar blog it occurred to me that there is a nice trick with MySQL for making it semi-transactional (as a side-note: these days I have work with MySQL less and less and am fully enjoying the goodness that is PostgreSQL and pgAdmin). […]

  • Creating optimal queries for databases

    Although I’m a big PostgreSQL supporter, I started out as a MySQL user and still use MySQL daily, so I listen to the OurSQL podcast. In the latest episode (number 22) the topic was Things To Avoid With MySQL Queries. While I picked up a few tips from it (and most of the things mentioned […]

  • MySQL triggers and stored procedures

    So MySQL is trying to be a big boy and have advanced features like triggers and stored procedures (not just UDF’s). However their syntax seems a little complicated compared to the PostgreSQL one. So here it goes: DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS mytrigger; DELIMITER | CREATE TRIGGER mytrigger BEFORE INSERT ON test1 FOR EACH ROW BEGIN […]