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  • Updated YARPG

    This has been sitting in my queue for some time: almost four years ago (it’s incredible how time flies!) – amongst the first posts I’ve published on the blog – I’ve written a random password generator in Javascript which I’ve named YARPG (for “Yet Another Random Password Generator”). The advantages to using it are the […]

  • If you can’t access Windows shares…

    A small Windows tip: if your computer is part of a domain and all of the sudden you can’t access resources over the network (like shares, printers, etc), try changing your password. I observed this in several networks, and although I’m not entirely sure about the reason – I suspect that it has something to […]

  • Perlmonks passwords compromised

    Just on the off-chance that you read this blog, have a Perlmonks account and haven’t heard already (even though notification emails have been sent AFAIK): The perlmonks server has compromised and the entire user database was accessible to the attacker. What is even worse, the passwords were in cleartext (so they are directly accessible without […]

  • Creating random passwords – the easy way

    Passwords are used as the main authentication method in almost all of the current websites. They are easy to implement (from the websites owner point of view), however the user must consider several conflicting goals if s/he wants to stay safe: Passwords should be long The user must be able to remember the password It […]

  • How to publish a good looking code on Blogger?

    This article is considered obsolete. Please read the followup post. From time to time I would like to publish a post in which I can show code snippets. However the standard <code> or <pre> tags look way too boring. Something with color stands much more out. I was thinking: if I had my own server […]

  • Companies, technology and security

    When I saw this piece in my google reader, I thought: that’s interesting, so I headed over and checked it out thinking that I get some information about are the practices at big companies. Somewhat disappointingly it was just a link to a tutorial which looks like it was written by someone who is just […]

  • (Yet an other) Javascript random password generator

    Here is YARPG (Yet Another Random Password Generator). Why on earth would I do yet an other random password generator? Because I can :). Seriously: there are at least two random password generators out there that I’ve used, and I have some problems with them: The one that Steve Gibson created can not be customized […]

  • Password security on popular sites

    We use (and sometimes reuse, although we shouldn’t) passwords on the web every day. There has been so much talk about password security lately that the least we should expect is that the big sites have proper passwords policies. I will single out two of them here: – I’ve tried to register with them […]