If you can’t access Windows shares…


A small Windows tip: if your computer is part of a domain and all of the sudden you can’t access resources over the network (like shares, printers, etc), try changing your password.

I observed this in several networks, and although I’m not entirely sure about the reason – I suspect that it has something to do with the password expiration policy (even though the password seem to work when logging into the given system – even after a cold boot) – this workaround always seemed to work.

Update: Here is the discussion on serverfault about the problem. There were some good suggestions by Nico, but unfortunately no final solution was found as of now.

Picture taken from gemsling’s photostream with permission.

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One response to “If you can’t access Windows shares…”

  1. Hi!
    I have a similar problem with this. From my computer (it is part of a domain) I can't access windows network shares (with credentials) by name from local network. The strange thing is that I can access these shares by IP address. These computers I can't access by name are also mapped in hosts file. Domain passwords are changing from time to time and this does not change something.
    I still didn't figured out why this happens and if it has something to do with password policies…

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