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  • Manifesto of the ethical Anti-Rootkit writer

    Rootkits are a controversial subject. When the book (Rootkits, Subverting the Windows Kernel) came out and the associated site ( was started, the subject exploded. Of course the Sony DRM fiasco did also plenty to generate media buzz. Because of this, many detection tools were born. Some were created by traditional security companies and some […]

  • Mismoderated RkUnhooker comment

    And here is an other event in the RkUnhooker saga. Because of the controversy I’m involved in regarding my No love for RkUnhooker post, I wanted to come out and state publicly that I erroneously mismoderated (rejected) MP_ART’s comment on my blog. Before I get accused of censorship, I just want to say that it […]

  • And so the RkUnhooker saga begins

    The RkUnhooker story gets worse and worse (from the point of view of its authors). They (EP_X0FF and MP_ART) are making threats Russian mob style (not that I would know how a Russian mob threat sounds :-D), stating that You have come against wrong people and that want, that you are not able to reach […]

  • No love for RkUnhooker

    It seems that the author of RkUnhooker (you know, that guy named EP_X0FF) got very upset about my comments and first he wrote a comment to my blog – which I published a little late and I apologize for it. Then he got into personal mode and made a threatening post on his forum. My […]

  • Mixed links and commentary

    A very nice T-Shirt. I especially like the Comments (0) part 😉 There has been some controversy over a recently released service which claims to tell you if your credicard number of social-security number has been compromised. While I understand (and agree with) all the arguments brought against it, I would like to point out […]