Mismoderated RkUnhooker comment

And here is an other event in the RkUnhooker saga. Because of the controversy I’m involved in regarding my No love for RkUnhooker post, I wanted to come out and state publicly that I erroneously mismoderated (rejected) MP_ART’s comment on my blog. Before I get accused of censorship, I just want to say that it was a honest mistake (which happened to me before), caused by the fact that the publish and reject links are so damn near. I felt that it was appropriate to publish his comment here (although it is the same thing as the post published on their forums and sent to me in private message on the SysInternals forums):

Cd-MaN, YOU ARE POOR GUY or, maybe, girl , who wants to advertise your poor, incompatible with logic blog [xx(] . We are sincerely hope, that this was your first and last post here . [b]If it not, then soon you, as well as your board will get “good” advertise over the Internet[/b]. What about your statements, so I can say that you understand a little (perhaps you are still in primary school) because all what you said about RkU can be applied to 70% of all antimalware soft (including all antirootkits).
I hope, that you do not get paid from GMER for this post, because you get less, than you should.
In a whole, I think that your blog is a scope of lamers statements and rediculus decisions. I found many funny statements, from which I can guess:
– GMER love your sorry ass
– You are kiddo
– You want glory (you will get it)
– In real life you a complete looser, that can’t even finish primary school
– Your English as well as you – are poor
– You have come here looks like because you wants to be bitten

PS: Tomorrow you will get comprehensive answer (without censored words) from EP_X0FF to all your statements and to your blog in a whole. But, I want, that you are not
able to reach tomorrow, as well as your f u c k i n blog.

So that was it in its full glory. I apologize for the foul language. As I already stated, there is absolutely no connection between me and GMER. One interesting part that I didn’t comment on yesterday is the fact that he says that 70% of the Anti-Rootkit industry uses the same approach that they use. If I would be in that industry I would be really hurt. I really don’t think (but then again, I might be wrong) that 70% of these people are involved / approve of illegal activities like defacing / DDoS’ing, threaten their critics or do not follow the principle of responsible disclosure (yes, these are the same guys who written the Unreal rootkit, which to me seems a little hypocritical).

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