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  • Network Forensics Contest submission

    Some time ago I mentioned the Network Forensics Puzzle. The contest is now over and since I didn’t win, I’ll publish my submission below – it was after all correct, but not quite what the judges were looking for (congratulation to the winner). After validating that the MD5 sum for the downloaded file matches the […]

  • Ethical Hacker challenge “Prison Break” solution

    As I usually do, I’ll publish my entry for the Ethical Hacker challenge after the deadline passed: Challenge Question 1: What is the most probable reason Michael could not get network connectivity from the desk Ethernet jack?  What actions should the team take to determine exactly what is going on, collect full traffic captures, and […]

  • Ethical hacker challenge solution posted

    To the Santa Claus is Hacking in Town challenge. You can find it here: Santa Claus is Hacking to Town – Answers and Winners. Unfortunately my answer wasn’t accepted 100% because of a small misunderstanding, but it got cleared up and all is good now :-). The RaDaJo blog also posted a detailed solution (warning! […]

  • On the topic of contests…

    The latest packetlife challenge is over and here is the solution. Very cool. And here is a challenge I almost forgot about (since this too is very network oriented and I currently don’t have the time to dig up all the information needed): NMAP Trivia: Mastering Network Mapping and Scanning. If you want to take […]

  • Solution to the Ethical Hacker Challenge posted

    Not to this one, but to an older one. This is the announcement and here is the winning solution. This one was actually one of the harder ones for me, I missed the hardware keylogger and didn’t figure out the Vigenere cipher.

  • Solution for the Ethical Hacker Network Challenge

    As always, I’m publishing my submission to the latest Ethical Hacker Network Challenge (after the submission deadline of course). I believe that publishing all the solutions (rather than just the winner) creates a richer environment to learn from each-other. The basic idea came from me seeing tutorials to tunnel SMB over SSH, the difference being […]

  • challenge solution

    I mentioned some time ago the contest. I’ve remembered to check back for the answer, which can be found here. Basically, one of the OSPF fields is based on a timestamp. Very cool. Also, it shows how many equipments will break after the 18th of January, 2038 🙂

  • Ethical hacker challenge solution

    Given that the deadline passed, I’ll publish my solution to the Scooby Doo Ethical hacker challenge. In related news (via SANS): the November challenge from packetlife. The deadline is the 20th of November, so hurry up. Can you figure out who killed Dr. Wilson, and why? I would say it was Dr. Miller. In the […]

  • Solution to the malware challenge

    The deadline for submission to the malware challenge has passed, so I will post here my solution. Sorry for the rather poor presentation, but I exported it out from Word. Describe your malware lab. A virtual machine (VirtualBox[1]) with WindowsXP installed. OllyDbg[2] IDA 4.9 Freeware[3] PEiD[4] HxD[5] LordPE[6] ImpRec[7] What information can you gather about […]

  • The 14th post

    Because 13 is not a nice number :), and because the submission deadline for the two contests has passed, I thought I share with you my solutions (they are not guaranteed to be complete over correct for that matter): The Hitch-Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy How did Zay Zeutrino gather the desired data to switch […]