Category: source code

  • Goldman Sachs security incident

    Allegedly the source code for Goldman Sachs “low latency (microseconds) event-driven market data processing, strategy, and order submissions” systems have been stolen by an insider (via Zero Hedge here and here). Personally I find this (and similar cases) overblown for several reasons: Sourcecode by itself is worthless. The important thing is the mathematical model behind […]

  • Script kiddies and the sensationalists media

    There is a great urge in the media today to come up with more and more sensationalists titles. This is understandable, because their main job is creating content and their success is measured directly in number of visitors. This is why (at least from this point of view) blogs are mostly better because (a) people […]

  • How to publish a good looking code on Blogger?

    This article is considered obsolete. Please read the followup post. From time to time I would like to publish a post in which I can show code snippets. However the standard <code> or <pre> tags look way too boring. Something with color stands much more out. I was thinking: if I had my own server […]