Script kiddies and the sensationalists media

There is a great urge in the media today to come up with more and more sensationalists titles. This is understandable, because their main job is creating content and their success is measured directly in number of visitors. This is why (at least from this point of view) blogs are mostly better because (a) people writing here are usually experts in their area (not just a journalist, no offense, who interviewed an expert an then tried to note down her/his understanding) and (b) they usually write because they feel an inner need too (however there are significant amount of narcissistic people in this media too who try to write bombastic headlines / stories, even if they are – partially of fully – untrue).

Back to the matter at hand: Krugle has a great source code search engine (better than Google CodeSearch). An what is the reaction to this? Some 1337 script kiddie, who thinks that not using proper grammar in writing is cool comments: This is a nice site for code stealing.

The coverage from a more main-stream site wasn’t better: even though the guy at Google Watch (part of eWeek) can write correctly, the quality of information isn’t any better. There are at least some great rebuttals in the comments which (partially) balance the stupidity of the article.

Go and use these great tools and spread the word about them. They make the developers life much easier!


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  1. not to put too fine a point on it, but many blogs these days suffer from exactly the same problem as those mainstream media sources you talk about…

    mainstream media sensationalizes in order to draw eyeballs to their advertising… with things like google adsense many bloggers can now have exactly the same motivation… even without adsense, some bloggers have connections to commercial products and/or services which receive greater attention when their blog receives greater attention…

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