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  • Updating the root certificates for Java

    One usually thinks of SSL in the context of HTTPS, but there are also other protocols which rely on it to provide security. See this link for a short overview of SSL – it only mentions HTTPS, but the same applies for IMAPS, FTPS, etc – SSL is independent of the wrapped protocol. You can […]

  • Virtually Hosted SSL – almost there

    Virtual hosting (hosting multiple sites on the same IP address) became possible with HTTP/1.1 because it declares the “Host” header, which specifies which one of the (possibly) multiple sites hosted on the same IP address you would like to reach (a small side-effect is that when you use the IP address of a site, you […]

  • I saw/read about SSLstrip – should I be afraid?

    A friend of mine said that  he saw the SSLstrip presentation from BlackHat DC 2009 and asked me if he should be afraid. Here is the advice that I gave: you shouldn’t be afraid. Fear is a bad motivator because it wants to force you to act quickly. A much better concern is informed concern. […]

  • SSLFail

    Tyler and Marcin started the site, which inspired me to do some digging of my own. The results are shocking! A few words about the methodology: I took the top 1 000 000 sites list from Alexa (love them or hate them for their toolbars, but it is very nice of them to provide […]

  • Including mixed (SSL and non-SSL) content on your secure site

    Disclaimer: while I dabble with Apache from time to time, I’m not a professional SysAdmin or Apache guru. The things described below is my own experience, and it should not be considered expert advice, just a staring point. An other way to say it: if you know better, please leave a comment :). AskApache (a […]