Category: trick

  • Nokia not displaying the callers phone number

    I found out from a friend recently that all the Nokia phones (from the very basic ones up to the N series) have the following weird behavior: If you have a phone number multiple times in your address book (this means the phone memory + the SIM), the phone number is displayed instead of the […]

  • Disabling accessibility features on the Welcome Screen for Windows XP

    As I said before, one of the first thing I do when I install WinXP is to disable the accessibility features. However this is a per user setting and I would like to disable it on the welcome screen also. This is especially useful for the default setup I do: an administrative user and a […]

  • Detecting user-mode debuggers under Windows

    The packer-unpacker game is a game that I disapprove of, however this doesn’t stop me from documenting a trick I remembered after reading the following blog post: Anti-Debugging Series – Part II. To detect if a user mode debugger is attached to your process, do the following steps: Allocate some memory with HeapAlloc. Write something […]