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  • TwitFeeder is not for Twitter only

    The TwitFeeder has support for non-Twitter sources – crossposted from the TwitFeeder blog: The TwitFeeder uses the Twitter API to get the different bits and pieces of information needed to generate the enhanced RSS feed. However Twitter isn’t the only one exposing the API: (now Status.Net) is an “Open source microblogging service” and it […]

  • Twitter hacked

    It had to happen, didn’t it? I’ve fired up Pidgin with the microblog-purple plugin, only to get an “invalid certificate” error for twitter. I’ve quickly became nervous, since a quick digging indicated that I was getting the wrong IP address for the domain My first thought was: “I’ve been compromised”. After quickly verifying my […]

  • Twitter Content

    And here is an other pipe: did you find it annoying that when you subscribe to the RSS feed for a Twitter account (not being a Twitter head myself – probably because I don’t have time to write short posts 😛 – I subscribe to the RSS feed rather than “follow” them) that they put […]