Category: web development

  • Walking with objects

    Some time ago I’ve read David Wheeler’s blogpost about using the OBJECT tag to embed HTML in your HTML :-). One of the things which peaked my interest was the question: what are the security implications of using this method? Specifically I was interested if the same cross-domain / same-policy rules applied to interaction between […]

  • Daily funny

    Via Mechanix: the difference between JPEG and PNG illustrated. A similar topic would be: don’t use the same image for the thumbnail and the big image! Just because you said width=”320px”, it will still needs to download the whole image!

  • A childhood memory

    Something very interesting happened: I remembered that I used to watch (and love) an animated television series called Voltron. But the punchline is how I remembered it: by reading an article on A List Apart about web standards. Incredible, isn’t it?

  • Implementing Web Services with Open Source Software

    Today many services are available (both internal and external to a company) as Web Services, more specifically as SOAP. Companies like Microsoft, IBM or Sun have heavily invested in this field and made many of their products compatible with it (as a client and/or as a server). In this article I will study the different […]

  • Tracking web users

    Again, this will be something new here (at least for me): I’ll publish a pre-rant for Security Now! Steve Gibson expressed interest in the subject of cookies, so I’ll tackle that in this post and also the more general question of user-tracking. I discuss different ways it can be accomplished, ways you could protect yourself […]

  • Web Developer Stereotypes

    Sitepoint did a survey amongst web developers and found that people who use PHP are very likely to try Ruby on Rails. While I haven’t completed the survey myself, I find that I’m in this exact same position: I’ve been developing in PHP for several years now and plan to check out Ruby, however I’m […]