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  • trying to install malware

    I needed a quick, free webhost. Incidentally (it is funny how things come together sometimes) I remembered Andreas Gohr mentioning, so I decided to give it a try. Now, I knew that nothing is free, so I expected to need to insert some banner ads in the pages, however it seems that this hosting […]

  • Please welcome a new blogger…

    Tim Starling from Wikipedia. In his first blog post he talks about the challenges involved in running a website securely where users can upload arbitrary content. It is very cool and very frightening the same time (because it makes you wonder: how many of the web applications out there are verified to this degree). One […]

  • Google browser security handbook

    I’ve just finished reading the browser security handbook written by Michal Zalewski and now my head hurts :-). This is one of the best sources of information out there for this topic, and if you do anything related to the web, you should read it! The information was out there, but distributed in a myriad […]

  • Effective self-censorship

    No, I won’t be talking about China or Australia here. I would like talk about my experience of downloading a Firefox theme. The given theme was marked as experimental, and thus – to download it – I had to create a user account on the site. The F.A.Q. explains it as follows: Why do I […]

  • (Un)intentional spam?

    Recently I’ve been annoyed by the site From the site: is a SourceLabs project to help people collaboratively document open-source software. It seems to be a legitimate project (it was mentioned for example by the O’Reilly radar) and there are relatively few complaints against it. However, it has the unfortunate sideeffect that it […]

  • Reinventing the wheel

    Those damn kids today don’t know their history and think that .NET is 1337! 😀 Some random dude in Taiwan couldn’t browse the web (because an undersea cable broke due to a recent earthquake) and he decided that using a webserver (probably configured by him) which ran arbitrary executables mailed to it (hint: the from […]

  • How to create a well behaved bot?

    From the ever watchful master of bots and scrapers incrediBILL (:-)) comes the following tip, which you might find useful if you yourself plan / need to implement a web crawler as part of your product / service.