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  • Quick’n’dirty Mediawiki file crawler

    URL=’′ MIME=’image/jpeg’ bash -c ‘wget -q -O – “$URL/wiki/index.php?title=Special:MIMESearch&mime=$MIME&limit=500&offset=0” | grep -Po “/wiki/images[^”]+” | xargs -n1 -I {} wget “$URL{}”‘ What it does: it uses the “MIME search” functionality on the wiki to locate files of a certain mime type and then xargs+wget each of them. Limitations: A maximum of 500 files are downloaded Downloads […]

  • Humane markup language

    I’m always searching for methods to make my blog postings better. And by better I mean: Easier to write. This means both speed (because I already spend quite a lot of time with different side-projects) and less formatting-cruft to add (so that I can concentrate on the actual content) Offer useful features to the readers […]

  • The perfect solution?

    I’ve been experimenting with different collaboration solutions, and I think I may just have found the one: Socialtext. What I really like: It is open source (just click the for developers link) It is free (if you don’t want the support) It is written in Perl It has an API for manipulating the pages (I […]