The perfect solution?

I’ve been experimenting with different collaboration solutions, and I think I may just have found the one: Socialtext. What I really like:

  • It is open source (just click the for developers link)
  • It is free (if you don’t want the support)
  • It is written in Perl
  • It has an API for manipulating the pages (I don’t know yet how powerful it is)
  • It has a WYSIWYG editor
  • Commets can be attached to every page
  • It integrates with Active Directory

What I don’t like (these are my first perceptions while browsing around the site, I didn’t have time yet to install it and do an extensive testing):

  • The access control seems to be a little limited (like admin / non-admin), I would have preferred something more along the lines of Active Directory or at least the Unix model with groups and group members
  • It doesn’t seem to support code blocks. I thing one of the major features of DokuWiki is the integration with GeSHi for syntax highlighting of source code.

I’ve heard about it over at Perlcast

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