Updating Ubuntu to Edgy Eft

Finally I’ve gotten around to updating to Ubuntu Edgy Eft (6.10). My first remarks were:

  • The download is quite heavy (677 MB) so it took several hours on my 256 Mbit connection. If you have a good connection at work for example, you should download the ISO, write it to a CD and add the CD as source for packages.
  • If you have custom sources in your /etc/apt/sourcel.list which time out, you should remove them before trying the update, because the updater fails if it can’t fetch the package list from a source.
  • I’ve updated using the update-manager as described over at the debianadmin site.
  • After the update I’ve got Firefox 2.0 as a bonus (and I’m loving the included spellchecker!), however it seems to have overridden some settings (for example I’ve disabled the sound at the login screen and it came back after the update).

Happy updating!


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