Don’t reinvent the wheel

From the department of don’t make your own program unless you know what your are doing come the following two:

The Websense security blog RSS feed keeps marking the first post as new. While it is a very interesting post (about analyzing shellcodes form browser based exploits), I don’t want to read it five times. Also they make you agree to a license agreement before they show you the link to the RSS feed, they don’t put it in the head section of the document so that intelligent browsers can autodiscover it and it’s not possible to comment on the posts. And one last funny things: in the feed the copyright message is as follows:

Copyright 1994 – 2005 Websense, Inc.

Someone should tell their legal department what year it is :).

The other example is the Lavasoft blog. No RSS feed, no comments, no history, just a big HTML page with the stories concatenated. Not event a box that says enter your e-mail address to receive updates. This is a page that I won’t be visiting often. Just an other proof of what a hype-machine Lavasoft is. (If you didn’t know, at one point they used a multiplier to say that they had more signatures than they really did)

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