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  • Another friend blogging

    Another friend bit the dust started blogging: Cleonte’s GitHub blog – bookmarks at the moment but looking forward to more involved posts :-).

  • Link love

    Here are a couple of close friends’ blogs. They are just starting out writing, but hopefully giving them some link love will encourage them to write even more great content. Without further ado, in no particular order: No Such Host Scienti-XS VTopan

  • Sorry for the malware warning!

    If you have tried to visit my blog recently, you might have to a warning like this from your webbrowser: Warning: Something’s Not Right Here! contains content from , a site known to distribute malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site. … The source of the warning is […]

  • Who is hype-free?

    I’ve done a writeup about the name of blog when I started it. However recently two links came up in my Google Alerts: The first one is from Urban Dictionary and it defines hype free as “Slang word for drug free”. The second one is from Yahoo! Answers and states pretty much the same thing […]

  • On the hopelessness of pulling content from the interwebs

    In the last couple of weeks I had at least two cases where I saw a (provocative) post come up in my feedreader, click trough to read the entire piece (BTW, partial feeds just suck!), just to find that the owner removed the post. The first was from the DynDNS blog named “Open Dialogue” (apparently […]

  • Update to the Blogger Tag Cloud

    A small PSE (Public Service Announcement): if you were using the Blogger Tag Cloud I’ve put together based on the WP-Cumulus plugin, you might have noticed that it stopped working some time ago (I’m not entirely sure when, since I didn’t notice it, until a reader commented and brought it to my attention – thanks […]

  • Spammy Mike

    While most of the time I simply skip / delete any malicious content encountered, from time to time I do some quick investigation on items which peak my interest. For example the following comment was posted on a friends blog: You make a good point, and it is one I often make about encryption. There […]

  • Who feeds me? (with information)

    I received a private request to share the feeds which I read, an I though to do it publicly, since there might be other people interested in it (yeah, right :-p). Also, the least I can do is to post a link back to the authors website. So grab my OPML file or see the […]

  • Selling my soul^H^H^H^H pagerank

    As you might have seen, I’ve published two reviews on my blog for various companies. These reviews were paid for by the respective companies trough ReviewMe. It seems like a good way to make a couple of bucks and it was recommended by a fellow blogger. What I like about their policy is that (a) […]

  • Pulling a Hanselman

    User interface / interaction design 101: if you want something, the least you can do is to ask for it. So I decided to take a page out of Scot Hanselman’s book (a blog worth reading BTW if you are interested in programming – it has an emphasis on Microsoft specific technologies, but other topics […]