Excite-d about spam

Not really. Yahoo does a pretty good job of filtering out spam. From time to time however I check my spam box to see if some newsletter or password notification got lost there (these are the two types of e-mails I found that are most often erroneously tagged as spam by Yahoo). And yesterday I seen a spam message which uses Excite as redirector. If you’re old and cranky like me, you remember the days when Yahoo, Excite and AltaVista were the big three and when we thought that the home page must be filled with every possible link to every possible service (aka. portals). If you don’t, just read up on Wikipedia. Anyway, back to business: the Excite people have been notified (although I received no response yet). This site is not as well known as Google, so the concerns with users trusting it apply to a lesser degree. However it may be used in a targeted phishing attack. To see some of my thoughts about how to program a safe redirector, read my short post about Google’s spam problem.


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