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  • Spammy Mike

    While most of the time I simply skip / delete any malicious content encountered, from time to time I do some quick investigation on items which peak my interest. For example the following comment was posted on a friends blog: You make a good point, and it is one I often make about encryption. There […]

  • I’m the spam killa’

    I’m happy to announce that I’m one of two “spam killers” on the Software Engineering radio website. Spam was starting to run rampant on their site, so they asked for help and I responded. It is so simple to donate your time to a worthy cause. You to can do it, it takes just a […]

  • Watch out for those reviews…

    Recently I was buying a notebook HDD, and after considering a Samsung SpinPoint model, I’ve looked around the net to see if there were any known issues with the model. So I stumbled upon this page and my blood ran cold. Quote: One of the most common problems Samsung SpinPoint hard drives experience is burnt […]

  • Intelligent blog-spam?

    Not long ago I received a very on-topic comment on my Weird RVRD issue explained. I started to research it, and even formulate an answer. However, I was somewhat suspicious because of the asymmetry between the username (“web development Dubai”) and the question (which was anything but web development related). So I did a little […]

  • The original SPAM video

    From Monthy Python:

  • Spam from the F-Secure forums

    It is no secret that I have less than stellar opinion about F-Secure (the short version is: in my opinion they are a reseller of the Kaspersky engine, but usually manage to get lower detection rates in tests and they like to talk about their research, even though all the hard work is done by […]

  • Preventing your site from becomming a spammer heaven

    An other resource to help webmasters keep their new years resolution: Preventing Virtual Blight complete with video and slides 🙂

  • Good news!

    To start off the new year on a happy note, take a look at a list containing some of the things accomplished in the fight against spammers during the year 2008: 2008: A Significant Year In The Fight Against Illegal Spammers

  • Interesting thoughts from the Sophos blog

    Niall from SophosLabs UK asks: why does spam work? and gives an interesting answer: In his opinion, although we think that claims made by spam is very “out there” and wonder why people keep falling for it, in fact it is no worse that what we see in other media (like TV commercials). On some […]

  • A word about splogs

    I was listening to the WordPress podcast and they mentioned a service called WordPressDirect (don’t worry, that links is a nofollow one). From their marketing material: Create SEO-Optimized, Content-Stuffed Websites Instantly With WordPressDirect Basically they are an other method to “reuse” other people’s writing. Some thoughts: People feel instantly defensive and start pondering solutions like […]