Setting up a PPTP VPN (client) with Ubuntu

This applies to the latest release (7.04), because from what I understand older versions had more (complicated) steps to follow. My solution is based on this blog posting combined with some advice from here. The steps are:

  1. Install the network-manager-pptp package (either by doing sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp, by using Synaptic or any other way you like)
  2. Click on the networking icon and set up your VPN
  3. Issue the following commands (the package installation seems to issue at least some of these commands, however I couldn’t get my VPN to connect until I re-issued them):

    sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager restart
    sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/26NetworkManagerDispatcher restart

  4. Profit err – I mean happy VPN-ing
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4 responses to “Setting up a PPTP VPN (client) with Ubuntu”

  1. I’ve now employed Hamachi as well and ditched the problematic MS VPN solution.
    There would be miss dials, I’d have to restart the
    “Routing and Remote Access” service sometimes as well as power cycle the modem.
    Now I have no issues. Install Hamachi on the client pc’s and set their
    hosts file up and all is well. The notebook users benefit as well.
    Hamachi is intelligent and knows when to use the
    Local Area Network to peer when it can.
    When remote and there is an internet connect a route is found via the net.
    Hamchi – it just works – it’s great!!!

  2. @Anonymous: you start it by clicking on your network manager icon, going to "VPN Connections" and clicking on the name you've assigned to the VPN connection.

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