Which password?

A little note about mounting Truecrypt volumes:

When you issue a command like this:

sudo truecrypt [truecrypt volume] [where to mount it]

You will be greated with the following prompts:

Password: [your password to elevate privileges]
Enter password for '[truecrypt-volume]': [the password to the truecrypt volume]

Now in hindsight it’s clear which password goes where, but I got quite a scare when I thought that I forgot the password to my Truecrypt volume 🙂

PS. Some people still claim that the the hardware support from Linux is weak. I can only say to this: I’ve installed on a laptop Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04. For Windows I’ve had to download drivers on a different computer and install the separately (thank God it knew at least about the USB hub, so that I didn’t had to burn CD’s) while with Ubuntu it recognized everything, including screen at native resolution, network card, special media buttons on the keyboard, etc. Also, when I plugged a cable mode in Ubuntu through USB it recognized it without asking anything!

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