Living on the edge with Ubuntu

As I said earlier, I’m not very impressed with Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy), but I’ll give it an other chance. There are some rumors floating around that July 10 there will be some major updates and the steady stream of updates seem to fix a few issues as well.

Warning! Don’t do this if you can’t support eventual breakage and/or your system is critical!

If you wish to keep up with the latest updates to the packages, even if they are not released to the public at large, go to System -> Administration -> Software Source and on the Updates page check Pre-released updates. This allowed me to get Firefox 3 (instead of b5) for example. However be ready to drop down to the terminal and do some apt-get update / apt-get upgrade / dpkg-reconfigure.


2 responses to “Living on the edge with Ubuntu”

  1. Have you thought about running it as an appliance through VMWare?

    It makes it very simple to test it out without having to mess with your computer too much.

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