Two more involved contests

The first is the First Annual SIGMOD Programming Contest (via nconway’s blog). You need to create data structures to index a generated data stream (in fact streams, because multiple streams are presented to you in parallel) and perform operations on them (insert, update, query).

The second one is the Cisco Developer Contest (link from The first deadline is the 12th January 2009 27th of February. Apparently you can put small computers running Linux in some of routers and they can run applications + they can interact with the router. Check out the video here. The prizes seems substantial (“total prize pool valued at US $100,000”).

2 responses to “Two more involved contests”

  1. Cool stuff. But I think these contests take a lot of time. If you’re good, you can win money, but they take time.

  2. Great stuff..but the deadline is on last Jan.12, 2009 and obviously we are so late..much better to be updated soon..

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