Advertising (double and a half) fail

I get the following email in my inbox:

Knowing that they have some interesting people (and webcasts), I bite. So where should I click? On the subscribe button of course! This takes me (trough a redirector – which fortunately wasn’t blocked by my host file) to this website. Fail no. 1: there is no way to subscribe! The link said subscribe, but there is no email subscription, no RSS feed, no nothing!

Fail no. 2: the underlined titles are not hyperlinks as one would thin! No, you must find the “HERE” link after each listing and click on that, complete a survey (!), after which you get an email with the link (which isn’t working for me at the moment :-().

While some of these things are simply an overshoot of marketing (requiring email address to view the webcasts), but others are just pure incompetence. It is as is people were trying to prevent people from getting to the media.

PS. The one webcast I saw (“DIY Malware Construction”) was quite interesting and I would recommend to people interesting in security related topics to check it out, together with other webcasts.

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