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  • Why you should use in your hosts file – redux

    Some time ago I (wow, time files!) I suggested that using for host-file based blocklists would be faster than using Above you can see an other reason for using some applications take up port 80 on the localhost and accessing it can (potentially) create havoc. In the example above TeamViewer (which is […]

  • Advertising (double and a half) fail

    I get the following email in my inbox: Knowing that they have some interesting people (and webcasts), I bite. So where should I click? On the subscribe button of course! This takes me (trough a redirector – which fortunately wasn’t blocked by my host file) to this website. Fail no. 1: there is no way […]

  • Linux also has a hosts file!

    Update: I’m recommending that you use instead of Please check the link to see the reasons and how to modify your hosts file. Also, if you do the changes, the ping command at the end of this article won’t work (it will say something to the effect of “Destination specified is invalid.”, but […]

  • The night of the ad eaters

    I’m getting old. I know this because last night we attended The Night of the Ad Eaters and after sleeping for 8 ours I still can barely keep my eyes open :). My impressions: Coca Cola is better than Pepsi (I can’t understand how Pepsi can put that much money in their ads and still […]