Calls to action

With the motto “better late than never” here are some calls to action:

  • Vote for your favorite podcast on the Podcast Awards website. Votes are open until November the 30th and you can vote once per day (after you vote, you can an email with a link, which you must click on to validate your vote – this is to reduce the number of “fake” votes). If you are unsure for which podcast to vote, here are some suggestions: in the “Best Video Podcast” category I would recommend Buzz out loud – it is a very good (informative and fun) daily tech-news podcast. In the “Business” category I would recommend Career Tools– it (together with its sister podcast Manager Tools) is a great resource. In the Technology category I would recommend FLOSS Weekly – it is a superb podcast for all people interested in free / libre / open-source software. And it would be a great gift for them for the 100th episode which is quickly approaching. And besides – TWIT already won a couple of times :-). So go ahead my minions readers, fly like the wind and vote!
  • And here is a second poll related to Perl IDE’s: What other technologies, languages, templating systems are you using besides Perl?

After you have done your deed :-D, you can relax with two fun flash games: Little Wheel, a fun old-school point-and-click adventure game with very nice artwork (including an interesting soundtrack). Or play nine-balls. Let the lightning be with you!

Little Wheel
Little Wheel
Billiard Blitz 3 - Nine Ball
Billiard Blitz 3 – Nine Ball

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