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  • Getting the most out of your audio recording with Audacity

    This article aims to show you some simple techniques to improve the quality of your voice recording quickly and cheaply (for free actually). But first things first: The best audio is the one you don’t have to improve. Some simple steps you can perform in advance to maximize quality: Use quality equipment. Here are some articles […]

  • Don’t listen alone!

    Do you like Linux? Do you listen to podcasts? If you’ve answered yes to both of those questions, you should know what LUG Radio is (if not, do a quick checking – I promise you that it will be worth it!). The bad news? They stopped it in 2008. The good news? A documentary titled […]

  • I’m the spam killa’

    I’m happy to announce that I’m one of two “spam killers” on the Software Engineering radio website. Spam was starting to run rampant on their site, so they asked for help and I responded. It is so simple to donate your time to a worthy cause. You to can do it, it takes just a […]

  • Calls to action

    With the motto “better late than never” here are some calls to action: Vote for your favorite podcast on the Podcast Awards website. Votes are open until November the 30th and you can vote once per day (after you vote, you can an email with a link, which you must click on to validate your […]

  • Review: Polymorphic Podcast

    The Polymorphic Podcast is programming related podcast (think polymorphism as in object inheritance) which is somewhat Microsoft centric (.NET, Visual Studio, Silverlight, etc). That doesn’t mean however that there aren’t other technologies. For example the latest version talks about jQuery and managed to surprise me, with the mention of LiveQuery and SelectorGadget. An other interesting […]

  • the_source review

    the_source is a video podcast (vidcast? netcast?) concerned mostly with open source. The show is of high quality and they pride themselves with only using open source software to produce it (they use Cinelerra, now renamed Lumiera which seems to a very nice non-linear video editor for Linux). Their episodes are high quality, and even […]

  • Weather Brains

    Weather Brains is an excellent podcast if you are even remotely interested in weather. Released weekly, it is a hour or so of fun and information. There are multiple hosts (always a plus, it is very hard for a single host to keep an interesting tone) and a professional voice quality (which is not a […]

  • This made my day!

    I was wondering about the opening music for the Pauldotcom podcast and I couldn’t manage to find it. However, Paul was kind enough to write back to me and say that it is from a group called Burnshee Thornside. I went to their site and discovered not only the theme song (“Wish I Could Write […]

  • Two new podcasts

    Just wanted to announce two new podcasts I’ve started listening to, and maybe they would be of interest to people interested in security: The IT Security Pubcast – a South African podcast with security professionals who have real, hands-on experience with the physical aspects of security. Being a more electronic-only guy, this is a very […]

  • Technology microcosm – the reality distorsion field

    We like to think that what we do is cool, hip and so on, but also that it is somewhat known and accepted within our social group. This came to my mind because I’ve just remembered some conversations I’d had at the workplace. My colleagues are about the same age as me and have or […]