Don’t listen alone!

Do you like Linux? Do you listen to podcasts? If you’ve answered yes to both of those questions, you should know what LUG Radio is (if not, do a quick checking – I promise you that it will be worth it!).

The bad news? They stopped it in 2008. The good news? A documentary titled “Don’t listen alone!” – a great title if I may say so – about it just came out! So watch it below (sorry for splitting it up into 10 minute segments, but YouTube limits you to this):

Or go over to Jono’s site and watch it from (my problem with is that their delivery method seems to be much less bandwidth friendly – I’ve got constant “buffering” even on connections where YouTube HQ clips play fine) or download it from You can also read up on how the documentary was created (on Linux!) here.

Finally, if you still miss their voices (as I do), head over to ShotOfJaq or to FLOSS weekly and you will be pleasantly surprised!

PS. Offtopic rant: I’m all for open formats and such, but when – after days of searching! – I can’t find a tool which supports the OGV container (or the Theora codec for that matter) properly, I’m tempted to give up on them! On the AVI/XVID/h264 side there is Avidemux for example… Finally I had to re-encode the whole video into AVI/XVID just be able to chomp it into 10 minute segments.

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