Globe Runner review

The second review for today is also for a SEO Consultant: Globe Runner SEO. From all that I can gather, they are a legitimate company (here is their BBB page – so hard to tell these days 🙁 ), and they also run BabySafe Travel. They also don’t seem to come up in the first 10 pages (!) on Google when I’ve searched for SEO. Then again, this might be a good thing, since these days many of the top spots for any search are dominated by scammers (though not the top one usually).

They also have an informative blog with original content. In the end it everyone must make the decision about needing SEO help by herself / himself. The technology is not very complicated behind most of the actions and a good website should already have most of the elements, but if you not a “webhead”, you will benefit from the advice of an expert. One thing I missed on their site is the clear display of prices for their services, but then again this can be interpreted in a positive manner as: “we won’t go into an one-sided competition on price, because we should be judged on more than one figure” (my words, not theirs :-)).

Full disclosure: this is a paid review from ReviewMe. Under the terms of the understanding I was not obligated to skew my viewpoint in any way (ie. only post positive facts).


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