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  • Oracle cloud

    As they say – people don’t use Oracle because the IT department chose it :). This is also probably true for for their cloud offering :). Just of the top of my head: Arcane login procedure that doesn’t support 2FA that prompts you to change your (randomly generated, high entry, kept in a password manager) […]

  • Protein Shakes site review

    This is something new for me: protein shakes. Medically I can’t offer advice about it (I’m weary about using foreign substances not recommended by a specialist), but the site certainly is has some positive signs: The badges at the bottom are clickable and they go to the respective sites which certify the site The domain […]

  • Levant Digital Marketing review

    Levant Digital Marketing is a company which does Search Engine Optimization in the Middle East. They seem to be a very new company (the domain was registered in January of 2011). They are part of “JHG Holding”, but this itself is also only from 2009 (and their site contains minimal content). I didn’t manage to […]

  • Paving site review

    This is a fairly trustworthy site to buy paving slabs and other construction materials. It checks out on on all sources I usually use: domain registration, physical address, reputation sites and a quick search for complains. So go ahead and look around, but remember that for larger purchases you should consult an expert. They also […]

  • IVA site review

    Reviewing this site pose a conundrum to me (other than how to write the word conundrum): on the one side they seem to be a legitimate site for IVA advice, with a long standing domain registration, a physical address and even an entry at the Office of Fair trading (which seem to be the equivalent […]

  • review

    Sex sells, but in this case it is the reverse: money sold me to review an adult sex toys website. Here we go: I didn’t use any sextoys myself to-date (although I would be open to try some of the lighter versions), but I can see how online shopping and discreet delivery can be a […]

  • review

    I was hired to write a review about which purportedly blackjack practice, however I wasn’t able to verify this, since the site is down (currently it is showing a default directory listing from Apache, earlier today it was showing an empty page). There is very little know about this by the usual sources, and […]

  • scentsy review take two

    I’ve already written about Scentsy Products, so I will try not to repeat myself that much (other than reiterating that you should really think before investing in a referral system) and will focus on their special product: Piece by Piece Full-Size Scentsy Warmer – this a usual warmer (usual for Scentsy that is – it […]

  • review

    There isn’t much I can say about this company. They seem very legitimate by all indications (domain name registered more than 10 years ago, with the physical address of the company, no complaints on the web, etc). Their goal seems also very laudable: creating playground surfacing out of recycled tire rubber. While I don’t have […]

  • review

    Today I’m reviewing a site which has the goal of comparing different private health insurance companies and giving you the cheapest one. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the USA insurance rules (because I’m on a different continent :-)), so I can only comment on generic impressions related to this site: The domain was registered in […]