Oracle cloud

As they say – people don’t use Oracle because the IT department chose it :). This is also probably true for for their cloud offering :). Just of the top of my head:

  • Arcane login procedure
    • that doesn’t support 2FA
    • that prompts you to change your (randomly generated, high entry, kept in a password manager) password, even though the NIST has recommended against this practice for many years
    • which fails to actually log you out (!) – discovered this when I was trying to verify that my updated password worked
  • Machine console sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t
  • Arcane procedure to attach disks to VMs (to be fair: they show the commands in a popup window)
    • And even with these commands one can’t switch the boot disk of a given VM

They have a generous amount of free credit, but I wouldn’t recommend them for production use.


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