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  • Update to the Blogger Tag Cloud

    A small PSE (Public Service Announcement): if you were using the Blogger Tag Cloud I’ve put together based on the WP-Cumulus plugin, you might have noticed that it stopped working some time ago (I’m not entirely sure when, since I didn’t notice it, until a reader commented and brought it to my attention – thanks […]

  • Adding a world clock to your blog

    Quite some time ago I’ve written a post about how to create a clock which shows the blog author’s time zone. The intention was to make relative temporal references (like “tomorrow”, “yesterday”, “within the last hour”, etc) more relevant to readers from different timezones. While the method worked perfectly, it did require you to have […]

  • Blogger tag cloud

    Some time ago I experimented with the Cumulus plugin for Blogger, but concluded that I had so many tags (probably a sign of ADD :-)) that the only thing it did, was to transform your computer into a heater, by keeping the processor at 100%. So, I created a Yahoo Pipe which extracts the top […]

  • MMassively Parallel Computing 🙂

    I am a fan of BOINC, which uses distributed computing to solve massive problems (some very serious, like finding a cure to certain types of cancer, others more abstract, like finding prime numbers). The problem however is ease of use and distribution. You have to (a) know that this software exists and (b) know how […]

  • Blogger tag plugin

    I wanted to install the the Cumulus plugin for Blogger, however I realized that I have too many tags :-), so here is a static snapshot instead. Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani Update: reduced the number of tags to avoid hogging the CPU. Update: the server hosting the javascript / flash files went […]

  • Google Reader, Javascript and Flash

    I had the idea some time ago to highlight the source code I post via Javascript. I gravitated towards this solution because I don’t have source level control of Blogger (or do I? ;-)). My thought process was the following: include one .js in each post, which will check if the customization was already done […]

  • Tracking web users

    Again, this will be something new here (at least for me): I’ll publish a pre-rant for Security Now! Steve Gibson expressed interest in the subject of cookies, so I’ll tackle that in this post and also the more general question of user-tracking. I discuss different ways it can be accomplished, ways you could protect yourself […]