Update to the Blogger Tag Cloud

A small PSE (Public Service Announcement): if you were using the Blogger Tag Cloud I’ve put together based on the WP-Cumulus plugin, you might have noticed that it stopped working some time ago (I’m not entirely sure when, since I didn’t notice it, until a reader commented and brought it to my attention – thanks again Soufiane).

The problem was that the server hosting the SWF and JS file didn’t serve them anymore, instead giving a 403 – access refused error. To mitigate this problem I’ve uploaded the SWF file to Google Code and used the JS file from the Google Ajax Library and bought the plugin back to life.

So, if you are using the plugin and you are subscribed to my feed, go to the original (now updated) post and use the new code.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

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