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  • How to generate a stackdump with GDB

    I’m not a big GDB guy, but Google always helps: Create a textfile with the following content: set height 0 thread apply all bt detach quit Run the following command: gdb $EXE -pid $PID -command $TEXTFILE > $OUTPUTFILE where: $EXE is the path to the executable $PID is the PID it is running under $TEXTFILE […]

  • Toying around with andLinux

    I don’t remember exactly where I heard about it (although I seem to remember that it was on the Ubuntu UK Podcast). andLinux is a package based on coLinux (Cooperative Linux), which in turn is a port of the Linux kernel to the Windows platform. How does that work? The short (and somewhat inaccurate) description […]

  • An other reason for having command line

    Because you can easily follow along with tutorial / trouble shooting guidelines / other documentations. Check out the difference between these two tutorials: Improving TS Gateway availability using NLB Installing the webhoneypot on OpenWrt In the first you have to orient yourself after some screenshots. If an error message comes up, it is much less […]

  • Installing the webhoneypot on OpenWrt

    This is a raw tutorial for installing webhoneypot on a router running OpenWrt. The used version is Kamikaze 8.09 (this can be important because commands change between version). The tutorial is not 100% complete and I will update it in the future when I learn new information. An other assumption I make is that you […]

  • WPA2 is still hard

    Some time ago I found out that you have to install some not-so-well-documented updates (which are not delivered automatically by Windows Update) to use WPA2 to encrypt the traffic of your wireless network (and it is advised to use WPA2, since all the prior standards have known weaknesses). However I was unpleasantly surprised that support […]

  • Booting FreeDOS with GRUB

    To toy around, I decided to install FreeDOS on a real system running Ubuntu. This post will document the process of adding an entry to the GRUB menu loader to boot it. Some small notes: Resizing partitions with GPartEd is somewhat funky (no global progress bar) and can take some serious time (if you are […]

  • Disabling the Zoom plugin for Compiz

    I was playing around with a 8.10 Ubuntu install and I must have pressed a key combination, because the screen magnification was turned on. It was all nice and smooth, the only problem was that I didn’t want it! (BTW, almost the first thing I turn off after a fresh WinXP install is the accessibility […]

  • KDE 4.2 videos

    Via the All about Linux blog: videos showing off KDE 4.2. They look very nice, although the abundance of the options might be confusing…

  • Installing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS in VirtualBox

    If you try to install Ubuntu 8.04 in VirtualBox (I’ve tried the server version, probably the same is true for the Desktop version) and you get the following error: The complete Message is: The kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU 0:6 Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for […]

  • Gentoo “quick” install

    I’m playing around with different distros in VirtualBox, and happened to try Gentoo. Boy, what a fun that was 🙂 The first indication that something is wrong was the fact that they had a quick install guide, which didn’t seem all that quick… After failing to make it start (twice), I searched around and found […]