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    My assignment – which I choose to accept 🙂 – was to review a mobile accessories site, namely All the signs for this site check out: It was registered a couple of years ago and didn’t move around much It has several real seals (real meaning that they are linked to the originating site, […]

  • Comparative book review

    Below is a a short comparative review of tow books about Java concurrency which I’ve read in the last couple of months. Disclaier: the Amazon links are affiliate ones. Java Concurrency in Practice is an interesting book, which should be a must-read for anyone doing concurrent programming in Java (and in these days if you […]

  • noevir review

    noevir is a “direct marketing” company focusing on cosmetics and “* care” (skin, body, etc) type of products. After looking at their site I’m mostly neutral about them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join such (“direct marketing”) organizations, but that’s not specific to noevir. It also says “Ginza Tokyo” in the header, which is a […]

  • scentsy review

    scentsy has an interesting concept for providing different scents in the room: rather than burning different materials (like candles or sticks) it uses a lightbulb to heat the wax. This provides a “smoke-free” way to enjoy your fragrances. An other advantage of the concept is that it keeps the warm glow of the candle. If […]

  • TigerChef review

    Lately I’ve been experimenting with some simple cooking, and of course for cooking you need cooking equipment. TigerChef is one of the many sources of cooking equipment you can get, although they are oriented more at restaurants than individual needs. Anyway, I’m quite happy with the initial experiments and with the help of my dear […]

  • shuttledirect review

    The purpose of this website is to offer prebookable Airport taxi transfers. This means that you can rent a transportation method to/from the airport before you even embark on your journey. Is it worth it? I have to admit that I’m far from being a big traveler, but until now every airport I’ve been to […]

  • RHUB review

    RHUB is a company which offers “meeting recording, Web Conference, Remote Access, Webinar software Delivered in Appliances”. It is an interesting model, especially given that there are a lot “software only” solutions in this space (GoTo meeting for example, just to name the biggest of them). They tout the simplicity of the product, especially that […]

  • review

    There are many “web hosting review” sites out there and is one of them doing reviews for Dedicated Server Hosting. These sites usually get their revenue by using affiliate links in their lists, and this particular one is no different. In general such lists are a good starting point, but you should always be […]

  • eDirectHost review

    eDirectHost is one of the many companies which offer websites for people who don’t want to get bogged down in technical details. The particular niche eDirectHost focuses on is ecommerce web design. In particular, they offer many features specific to such sites like: coupons, support for different payment providers, etc. Two other positive aspects are […]

  • FindersUK review

    Finding relatives was always a topic which interested me marginally, so I was interested in checking out the Finders UK website (which BTW, can also be read in other ways because URLs don’t have the concept of capitalization implicitly – lets just leave at that). They offer different services like tracing heirs. Unfortunately (for me) […]