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  • Tried to review RocketPost…

    A reader of mine asked about my opinions about RocketPost, so I thought I’ll give it a try. Their interface seemed alright and there were some interesting features showcased in the tour. An other thing I’ve liked is that they offer a free version with no restrictions, other than the number of blogs limited to […]

  • Jango review

    Update: I no longer use Jango because of the amount of advertising and feature crippling. I rather use Grooveshark. You should give it a try if you like to listen to streaming music. Disclaimer: I have no relation with the company, its owners or employees, other than being a user of their site. I receive […]

  • GFI LanGuard review

    Disclaimer: I never worked as a professional network admin and all my experience was gathered in small testing environments. Also, I received a 12 month evaluation key from GFI for the purpose of writing this review, however aside from the key, I didn’t receive any form of compensation from anyone for writing this review. As […]

  • the_source review

    the_source is a video podcast (vidcast? netcast?) concerned mostly with open source. The show is of high quality and they pride themselves with only using open source software to produce it (they use Cinelerra, now renamed Lumiera which seems to a very nice non-linear video editor for Linux). Their episodes are high quality, and even […]

  • ScribeFire review (comparison with Windows Live Writer)

    I’m constantly searching for more efficient ways to write blogposts. Currently I’m using Windows Live Writer in a VirtualBox instance running Windows 7, but I wanted to give ScribeFire a try. The short version: it had some interesting features, but on the whole it had too many negatives compared to Live Writer to be useful […]

  • Weather Brains

    Weather Brains is an excellent podcast if you are even remotely interested in weather. Released weekly, it is a hour or so of fun and information. There are multiple hosts (always a plus, it is very hard for a single host to keep an interesting tone) and a professional voice quality (which is not a […]

  • Lightning openSUSE review

    Recently I had the opportunity to install Linux on a laptop, and I thought that I should widen my experiences, so I choose openSUSE 11.0. Unfortunately I wasn’t very successful, so most probably I will end up going with an other OS (I’m still undecided between Fedora 10, or maybe I should just lick my […]