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  • Blogs I’m reading

    I decided to add a blogroll to my sidebar, however a complete list would have been waaaay to long. Also, I didn’t like the idea of exporting the OPML from Google Reader and massaging it into an HTML format, because it would have meant an other thing which needed periodic updates. The solution was to […]

  • Update to the DeShortify Pipe

    A while ago I created  a pipe to transform short URL’s in their longer versions. However the pipe itself was rather complicated and required a modification for each new service to be supported. Luckily, on the Network Security Blog I saw the link to LongURL, which provides the same action for multiple services (in fact […]

  • Blogger tag cloud

    Some time ago I experimented with the Cumulus plugin for Blogger, but concluded that I had so many tags (probably a sign of ADD :-)) that the only thing it did, was to transform your computer into a heater, by keeping the processor at 100%. So, I created a Yahoo Pipe which extracts the top […]

  • Twitter Content

    And here is an other pipe: did you find it annoying that when you subscribe to the RSS feed for a Twitter account (not being a Twitter head myself – probably because I don’t have time to write short posts 😛 – I subscribe to the RSS feed rather than “follow” them) that they put […]

  • DeShortify

    Update: I created a simpler version of this pipe using the API from LongURL. A positive side-effect of using the service is that it supports many more URL shortening services. Some people feel that URL shortening services like TinyURL are a security risk because they take away the user’s ability to hover over a link […]

  • How to get random numbers into Yahoo Pipes?

    In what follows I will present two methods for obtaining random numbers inside a Yahoo Pipes setup. The first method is based on obtaining the current timestamp and using it your random number. The advantage of this method is that it is quick (you don’t need to access third-party websites). This disadvantage is that it’s […]

  • Creating your own top commenters widget for blogger

    Some time ago I added a top commenter widget to the blog, based on a tip from Blogger Buster. However it started acting up, so I decided to roll my own using Yahoo Pipes!. Below you will find a short tutorial on how to do it, as well as the ready-made pipe, based on the […]