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After getting mentioned on a great security/forensics blog, I thought I list of the feeds I watch. This is not a comprehensive list (I have at least twice as much in my Google Reader), but these are the ones with which I try to keep up:

Enjoy! (And don’t blame me if you won’t have time for your job/spouse with this many great stuff out there :))


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  1. Wow – great list. Thanks for sharing, since I picked up a few new ones to check out.

    I’d be curious to learn how I could improve the Security Catalyst (and what you think of taking a more themed approach) as we continue to gain experience and momentum.

    And the Security Round Table will absolutely continue. I’m working now with Dan York (Blue Box Podcast) and Martin McKeay (Network Security Podcast) to build an “editorial” calendar and prepare for a strong 2007.

    I really enjoy the SRT podcasts, since it gives a group of people the opportunity to kick back and discuss topics, no holds barred.

    If anyone wants to be a guest or has a suggestion for a topic, drop me a line: [email protected]

    Thanks for listening and helping to improve our community!!

  2. I’m happy that you found this list useful. And I’m also delighted to hear that the Security Roundtable will continue. I got the impression that it was dying because of something said in the podcast (I don’t recall exactly what, but it was something along the lines of “It is very hard to create a schedule which is suitable for so many participants).

    As for suggestion for your podcast: this is just a personal opinion but the style of your talking seems too salesperson like. I hope I didn’t offend you, because I really didn’t mean to, and also I must recognize that I don’t have much experience in talking to management (as opposed to technical people), so it may simply be that this is the way you have to talk to communicate with them :).

    Keep up the good work.

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