The night of the ad eaters

I’m getting old. I know this because last night we attended The Night of the Ad Eaters and after sleeping for 8 ours I still can barely keep my eyes open :). My impressions:

    Coca Cola is better than Pepsi (I can’t understand how Pepsi can put that much money in their ads and still make them suck)

    Levis is better than Diesel (with Diesel clearly not being targeted at the western market)

    The only IT related advertisement was from Microsoft (who else) for something called WinDays 2005 (which seems to be some business oriented conference – as far as I can tell from their website, because from the ad you couldn’t even get the slightest idea what this is about) and it sucked bigtime: it was long and had no clear message (other than that: look we licensed the rights to all these paintings and music).

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