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As I explained earlier, the only reason I prefilter comments is spam. I do not censor comments based on any other criteria. If you comment didn’t show up, the only reason is that I’m being lazy (yet again :-p). However there was one comment on my Favicon for blogger (which I will update shortly by the way) post which not very clear how it should be categorized:

Anonymous said…

If your looking for more free icons then take a look at this page:

Free Icons

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First let’s take a look at what made this comment suspicious:

  1. Commented as Anonymous
  2. Its only purpose was promoting a site

These are things which, although they can be reasonably be justified (for example it can be burdensome to create an account with YAWS – Yet Another Web Site – just to make a comment), raise the suspicion of people and can lead to your comment not being published and categorized as SPAM.

There are three things which swayed me to publish the comment:

  1. I feel strong about giving people credit where credit is due
  2. SiteAdvisor gave the site a thumb up. (A mini rant: quote from the SiteAdvisor result page: We tested this site and didn’t find any significant problems. What problems did you find? Or is this just CYA talk? Then again I can’t be too mad with them because there is no such thing as a 100% safe site on the internet. Interestingly for well respected sites like the blurb is We’ve tested this site and found it safe to use, although they include annoyances like third party cookies or popups in the listing)
  3. I visited the site and it looks legitimate (although here is a tip for their designer: try to redesign the sections so that the do no resemble Google Ads so strongly, because my initial reaction was This site is full with ads, even though it was just the navigation menu)
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  1. the burden of creating an account at ‘yet another web site’ is a cop-out for blogger blogs such as yours (and mine) where they can simply type a name/site using the ‘other’ option…

    anonymous is for the super lazy or the people who really don’t want you to know who they are..

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